Quadra Island Golf Course

NOTICE TO MEMBERS 2015 dues will be payable April 1, 2015
$850 + GST. BCGA optional

Quadra Island Golf Club   MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM

A one-time fee is required to obtain a membership at the Quadra Island Golf Club. The following fee structure is applicable.

  • Associate membership - $1000 + GST
    If you are considering your options but are not quite ready to commit to a regular club membership, Quadra Island Golf Club offers a one-year term on an Associate (trial) membership.

  • Single membership - $1250 + GST
    This allows an individual to purchase unlimited golf at discount for an annual fee to be determined each year. A single membership may be upgraded to couple membership by paying the $500 difference.

  • Couple membership - $1750 + GST
    This allows two people in a family unit to each purchase unlimited golf at discount for an annual fee to be determined each year. Children 18 or younger in the same family unit each pay a discounted fee each year (see junior membership).

  • Junior membership (under 19)
    In order to develop a youth program for those 18 years and younger, the fee is $250 + GST, and there is no requirement to purchase a membership.

  • Intermediate membership (age 19 through 23) - $1250 + GST
    This provides an opportunity for an individual to become a single member by paying $250 + GST per year over five years. This membership may be upgraded to couple by paying the $500 difference.

  • Corporate membership - $1750 + GST
    A corporate membership allows businesses the opportunity to purchase annual discount golf packages.

Charter membership

Charter membership provides individuals or corporations with shareholding interests in this project.

  • Corporate charter member - $50,000
    Corporate charter membership provides corporations with shareholding interest in the project. Membership benefits include:

  • Individual charter member - $50,000
    Individual membership provides shareholding interest in the project.

Fee payment options

  • 1. With a 20% down payment of $250 + GST for single memberships and $350 + GST for couple memberships, consecutive monthly payments of the same amount will be accepted until full payment is made.
  • 2. If money is tight but you would like to be a member and receive the benefits associated with full membership, a five-year payment plan is available. The first payment is $250 + GST for a total of $262.50, and four further annual payments of $262.50 due April 1st of each year. If this option is favourable, a simple agreement to acknowledge the terms and attest to the balance owing is required.

Transferability of membership

  • Membership may be transferred back to Quadra Island Golf Club Limited for the original amount paid only if full membership allowable (250) has been reached and there exists a waiting list of new membership applicants.
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